How to Plan A House PartyNo matter your age, house parties are part of a well-balanced social life. From a rite of passage as a teenager to a foolproof way to avoid the public as a 30-something, house parties provide everyone with a well-deserved break from the daily grind. However, there are several things to consider when planning a party at your home, such as how much food will I need, should I pay for entertainment and where can I find outdoor lighting rental near me? If you want to throw a shindig that will have guests talking for years to come, continue reading below to learn how to plan a house party.

Tips for Throwing A House Party

Follow these tips for a successful house soirée:

  1. Have Plenty to Drink for Those Not Drinking

How to Plan A House PartyAlcohol is pretty much a given at any house party. But not all those in attendance will be partaking in libations. Whether they are a designated driver or just enjoying their sobriety, you can expect at least a few to sidestep the sauce. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have enough non-alcoholic drinks stocked for the night. Juice, soda, water, whatever will suffice. Your sober guests will surely appreciate it.

  1. Give Your Guests Different Start Times

Nothing looks lamer than an empty house party. So instead of telling everyone to arrive at once, stagger the start time of your invitations. If you have a friend that’s always five minutes early, tell them to arrive an hour later than everyone else. If you have a friend that will late for their own funeral, give them a one-hour head start on the rest of the crowd. Staggered start times should lead to a balanced crowd and a steady stream of arrivals throughout the party.

  1. Provide Plenty of Entertainment

If you plan on hosting a party, you also need to plan on providing plenty of entertainment. If 5 different guests bring 5 different brands of beer, it’s very likely they will also have varying tastes in entertainment. Be sure to mix up the tunes using a free streaming app or web video service. For the sports fans, check the schedule the morning of the party to make sure the game is on at night. Also, leave out a deck of cards or board games for those looking for a little friendly competition during the festivities.

  1. Buy More Food Than You Need

How to Plan A House PartyFood is the cornerstone of any get-together, but ballparking the right amount for your guests can be a bear. That’s why the best way to go is buying more than you’ll think you’ll need. Patrons will get hungrier as the night goes on, especially when there’s booze involved. And you don’t want to be searching for overpriced delivery options if everyone is half in the bag. Overstocking the cupboard early will help you avoid a carnage crisis late. And either you or your guests can keep what remains to ensure no leftover goes to waste.

  1. Be Sure to Invite the Neighbors

Lastly on our party planning checklist is remembering the people you share a living area with. The only thing worse than an irate neighbor is an isolated one. That’s why you should invite those around you to stop by. Simply warning them about the potential for noise is a recipe for disaster. Instead, invite them to be part of the crowd. Even if they don’t show up, they are far more likely to be understanding of your late-night shenanigans if you extend an invitation.